Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday Blah Blah

I had a birthday last week.  And I wondered:  how many other Jennifers are having a birthday on this very day.  How many Jennifers were born on my birthday?  I tried to log on to Twitter to tweet that one up, but it didn't work and my head started to explode, so I went hiking instead.

I'm curious, though.  Any Jennifers out there have birthdays in July?  Specifically July 9?

And a project update:  I had scheduled a Jennifer Project photo shoot in Seattle for July 18.  I had one person respond to my request, so I decided to cancel the shoot this month.  I need some time to formulate a new plan...

It's been great hearing from Jennifers from around the world, sharing their stories of name frustration, identity challenges, etc.  I am hoping to weave these stories into a play, novel, book, something at some point.

I am committed (to myself anyway) to put together a Jennifer Project photo exhibit.  I have 7 Jennifers' portraits, and would like to have at least 20.  I'm having trouble finding more Jennifers to photograph.

So, do you know anyone?  Are you in the Seattle area?  I'll come to you, sister!  Email me and we'll work it out:

Hope you are all enjoying this lovely summer day!

Jennifer K

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monkeyandsquirrel said...

ya got one jennifer here! my birthday is in march though...

i just got married 3 months ago to a guy who already had a sister in law named jennifer. now there are two jennifer pierces in the family. makes for interesting get togethers!