Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Jennifer from Maine

Today I was delighted to get an email from a Jennifer from Maine.  Part of her email reads:

I'm a pre-boom Jennifer, born in 1959, named after my mom's college roommate because she liked the name. My dad would have named me Debbie.  I was Jenny until leaving for college, strictly Jennifer after that and now seem to be drifting into jen.  I grew up as a solo Jennifer but in the late 80s I started having more experiences where I would be one of several Jennifers at an event. When I went to graduate school in 1988, I taught freshman (so they would have been born around 1970) and there were four Jennifers in my Design 1 class.  I thought then about changing my name to Lee (my middle name) and considered it again recently when I changed my last name from my married name back to my birth name but so far I've stayed Jennifer--

I have heard the Love Story explanation and although I distinctly remember reading Love Story stealthily in algebra in high school.  I didn't remember that being the main characters name until I heard the myth.

I'm planning to send her a nametag...


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