Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moving Forward...

At this point, I have about 15 Jennifers interested in having their photographs taken for The Jennifer Project.  I'd like to have about 40, ideally... so I can have a variety of looks and ages represented in the project.  So, I'm still looking for more people / places / things named Jennifer.  If you know anyone, please have them contact me:

I've almost secured the venue for the first Jennifer photo shoot.  I'm waiting to get a confirmation, but it looks like I might be able to use the theatre at my school which would give me some lighting to play with, and is a fairly convenient location for most of the Jennifers.

Now, I need to start making a schedule.

I got an email from another Jennifer yesterday who now lives in San Diego.  She said she would like to participate in the project.  I'll send her a nametag and have her take her own photos...

She says:
I've been a Jennifer since the 22nd day of November, 1975. When I was a little girl, I was a Jenny. Actually, my full nickname was Jenny Penny. There were always at least 3 other Jennifer's in my class and I was not from a large town. Around age 8 or 9, I decided  not to be a Jenny anymore because [] just sounded too childish. Then I was a Jennifer again. Until college. In college, I was a Jenn (with 2 n's). Jenn was then shortened to J Mack [part of her last name] - because there were too many Jen's, Jenn's, Jenny's, and Jennifer's at my very large state university to identify me just by my first name. After law school, I chose to be a Jennifer again. Now, I don't mind being called Jenny and even think it's sweet. My son is named Nash. No way in hell he was  going to be named Jack (the male Jennifer...).

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Telle said...

This is my pal! I sent out a note to all of the Jennifers in my life, including her, letting them know about the project. Too cool. :) I'm glad you are getting a good turn-out of Jennifers.