Friday, May 8, 2009

Other Jennifer Projects...

Last night, during a fit of insomnia I found myself in front of the computer at 3 a.m.  So, I thought I would check the site meter on "The Jennifer Project" blog.   I was too lazy to type in my blog address, so I googled "The Jennifer Project." 


I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that there were a zillion "The Jennifer Project" links (it's not that unique a name, let's face it folks), but I was... Not only was my blog the... um... 9 billionth listing in the search, but I learned:

1.  There is a band named The Jennifer Project.  No one in the band is named Jennifer.  I feel like there are enough of us with the name so people who don't have it should not be allowed to claim it.  I'm so sure.  I liked a few of their songs, though... 

2.  The Jennifer Project is a book by Clyde W. Burleson about a highly? effective? acquisition of intelligence (with the code name:  Jennifer) following the sinking of a Soviet submarine in the early 1970s.  This book was also made into a Discovery Channel show.

3.  The Jennifer Project is a qualitative research initiative undertaken by Gay and Gender Research.  They describe their Jennifer Project:   "In a world of strict gender roles and blatant heterosexism, one would wonder how an anatomical female who self-identifies as a, "bisexual multi-gendered person" could survive and thrive.  This project is a qualitative exploration into the life of such a person, who will be referred to as "Jennifer." 

4.  You should check out this The Jennifer Project blog entry from Ms. Prolix.


5.  Another Jennifer searching for Jennifers:

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