Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Jennifer in Washington State

OK, this is very cool.... My friend sent me a link to your blog. I am a Jennifer, age 35. I left Seattle about a year ago and moved to Lyle, WA (near Hood River in the beautiful Columbia Gorge) - about 4.5 hours from Seattle. I am a redhead. I related to every word you wrote:

"There were something like 15 Jennifer's in my graduating class,and 5 other co-workers right now that share the same name. I find myself turning my head to the sound of Jennifer a lot, and I find it insanely entertaining when the Jennifer in my row, and the Jennifer across the room do the same thing. We all smile accordingly, appreciating the bond we share.
I don't remember disliking my name, just the fact that it is so normal. I grew up being the oddball, the outcast, the child that nobody understood. The art freak. The rebel. My name just didn't fit my personality at all. But as the years went on, I became increasingly more "normal" and I grew into my name. The fact that I'm a redhead has been my only saving grace in this world of endless Jennifer's; it helps keep me original and unique."

At first glance with no more depth added, we are twins: red-headed Jennifers who stuck out as odd balls, found a haven in art as kids, grew into our names, and share the bond of our generation who harbor many who turn their heads to that name.

I am happy to participate in the Jennifer project in some way - what fun. I really liked your website. Here's mine (you can catch a photo of me there)-

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