Monday, May 25, 2009

The Jennifer Project Photo Shoot #2

The second Jennifer Project photo shoot will be held on Sunday, June 14 in Seattle.  I still have a few slots available.  If you are a Jennifer or know of a Jennifer who might be interested in participating in the project, please let me know:

Want to participate but don't live in Seattle?  Never fear!  Email me and I'll send you a Jennifer Project nametag.  If you send me your photo (with the nametag), and a short bio, I'll post it on my blog and I may include it in the upcoming exhibit.

Hope you have enjoyed the Memorial Day holiday!

-- Jennifer K.

1 comment:

Thilly said...

hey jen! love the project!
if you ever need a photo assistant at your shoot sometime,you know, to keep the rowdier jennifers under control or set up or anything, id be happy to help.:)

(btw, my blog is