Friday, June 19, 2009

I was named after...

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Jennifer O'Neill:  actress, model

Born in 1948 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Jennifer O'Neill is an actor, model, writer, speaker, and has a ministry.  Among many other projects, she was well known for her movie:  Summer of '42.  She's a pretty amazing woman.  You can learn more about her on:  
Some information about her ministry:

Working with Biblically-based denominations and organizations, Jennifer O’Neill Ministries' Mission is to help equip and edify those in the body of Christ, while reaching out with God's Gift of Salvation in Jesus' name. As Christ's Ambassadors, we're broadening the impact of our team by offering extended materials, live/simulcast events, unique family TV, film and multi-media projects along with an interactive web in support of our Community of forgiveness, hope and healing. ( Statement.php)

I'd like to interview her for this project.  I'm going to send her an email (via her website...)

Which feels a little freaky, but cool... I'm still looking for Jennifer Jones's contact information.

My naming story:

My mother told me this story many years ago about how I was named.  I'm not sure how accurate it really is, but I like it...

My mother liked the name "Jennifer."  She thought it was beautiful and unique.  She admired Jennifer O'Neill, thought it was a beautiful 

While she was pregnant with me, Bill Cosby came to the radio station where she worked.  She had a radio program, but also was frequently asked to host celebrities when they came into town.  Bill Cosby and my mother had a cup of coffee together and he asked her what she planned to name me.  She had chosen Anthony if it was a boy (my younger brother is named Anthony) and was unsure about names for a girl.  She was deciding between "Emily" and "Jennifer."  Apparently, Bill Cosby said, "name her Jennifer."  And she did...

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