Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Jennifer from Canada

Jennifer/Charlie/Jenn/Jenny/JK/JennieK from Canada writes:

I was also named after Jennifer O'Neill, and usually one of many Jennifers during my tenure in the education system. 

I was a Jenny L till the age of 12, then I named myself Charlie- as to be somehow unique, and different from the other Jenny's. . 

I then altered the spelling to Jennie, as only the kids from 6th grade knew of my Charlie name change. 

My mother remarried, and I became Jennie K. 

At 15, I was growing up, and became a Jenn. 

While in Mexico last year, everyone who asked my name, I would say 'Jennifer' b/c often 'Jenn' gets confused with 'Jan'. Everyone would smile and reply, "Lopeeeeez!" which is now another name among my close friends. A rose by any other name, is still a rose. 

I have grown to like my name, and let go of any resentment towards my mother for being uncreative in the name department. It has made me find out about myself in an interesting fashion, and I am grateful. 

My mom still calls me Jenny.

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