Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Jennifer in San Francisco

Jenn W, 35:

I was born in San Francisco,  CA (interesting story here is that the same doctor that delivered me, delivered my Aunt, my Mom, my ex-boyfriend and friend).  

I grew up in the military so it gave me the travel bug early in life...I have lived all over the world.. California, Montana, Germany, Florida and many other places in between. My family now all lives back in California with most living in the bay area.

My mother loved the actress Jennifer Jones and thought the name was pretty, so when I was born, I was named after her. After my older brother, my Mom prayed to St. Rita for a girl (I think he was a terror as a kid...lol) and when she had me, she gave me Rita as a middle name.

Being born in 1973, I think there were A LOT of Jennifer's born that year. I was a Jennifer W. starting in kindergarten (there were 3 Jennifer's in my kindergarten through 4th grade classes)..that is when I became a Jenn. I don't think there was a year in any of my schooling where I wasn't either Jenn or Jennifer W. so I grew up with quite a few.

I do like my name... there were times growing up I wished I had a more unique name, but as I have gotten older, I realized I am meant to be a Jennifer/Jenn. It fits me as a person and I think it's a pretty name.

I think my parents did a good job in naming me. I'm a Jenn. 

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