Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Michigander named Jennifer

Jennifer Lynn T , 34 yrs old:

(seems pretty common to see Jennifer Lynns, no??)

I was suppose to be named Sarah, but my mom was fond of the character "Jennifer" in the movie Love Story.  When I was born, one look at me and I looked like a Jennifer.  Not sure what Jennifer babies look like, but I am happy to be among them.

I grew up with a boat load of Jennifers!  I remember in 1st grade having two other Jennifers in my class.  The first day of school my teacher asked each one of us what we would like to be called for the rest of the year (Jennifer, Jenny or Jen).  I told my teacher I would like to be called Jennifer.  Unfortunately, for the entire year I was called Jenny.  From that experience on I have always hated to be called Jenny.   

I do like my name.  Common, yes. But I feel like I am among a sisterhood of Jennifers.  Bonded by name, tradition, and a common time period.  I do not like to be called Jenny because of the incident back in first grade.  Plus the movie Forest Gump cemented the dislike of the name Jenny due to the slow pronunciation (backwards and uneducated connotation).  I’ll take being called a Jenn or Jen any day. 

I would introduce myself as Jennifer, “as in the very common name of the 70s”.  People would laugh, relate and remember.  Another mnemonic device game in college to introduce myself was to say I was “Jolly Jen”.  Again, the laugh, relate and remember technique worked like a charm. 

I am happy my parents named me who I am…it is the impression, fortitude, action and ambition that drives me to make an impact onto others in one shape or form…the first name does not define me.  I consider myself quite lucky to have experienced quite a few things already, but I am always looking forward to the next adventure…as a Jennifer!


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