Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Jennifer Who Named Other Jennifers

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Several of the Jennifers I have found thus far were named after Jennifer Jones, a popular actress in the mid-20th century. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1944, when she was 25.

According to Wikipedia (and we all know how reliable this information is...) Jennifer Jones was born in 1919 as Phylis Flora Isley in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Which means, friends, that she is a stage named Jennifer! Jennifer was not her birthname.


According to the website, Jennifer Jones is now 90 and is still! alive! I really want to get in touch with her. Anyone have ideas on how to do that?

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jenniferw said...

I too was named after Jennifer Jones, by my father, who admired her! I am most often called Jenny but hate to be called Jen! Wish I could come to Seattle in July but I doubt I can! I think this is such a great idea! Please email me or tweet @JennyPennifer if you need or want me to help.

~Jennifer Weber

Anonymous said...

Our namesake passed away today at age 90. She was a beautiful woman.

I was also named after her. My mother loved The Song of Bernadette and she thought Jennifer was such a pretty name.

Jennifer S.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Jones died December 2009