Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jennifer Convertibles

I googled "Jennifer."  Google told me  esults 1 - 10 of about 140,000,000 for jennifer.  I wasn't surprised.

The first listing for "Jennifer" is "Jennifer Convertibles."  I wondered how much they had to pay Google in order for it to be the first of 140,000,000... (websites for Jennifer O'Neill and Jennifer Lopez are next)

I have never shopped at Jennifer Convertibles, but I've always liked the idea of buying furniture from the store.  I can imagine a hilarious (well, to me) dinner conversation.  Imagine the confusion, especially if you had a dinner party with 5 people named Jennifer and an unlucky Other Dude:

Other Dude:  Hey, Jen!  (Five people answer.)  Uh, I meant Jen the host.  Jen K.  You are a fabulous cook and you look fabulous and you are fabulous.

Jen:  Thanks.

Other Dude:  And, hey!  Jen, what a new fabulous couch.  Where did you get it?

Jen:  Jennifer. (4 people answer, what?)

Other Dude:  What?  Oh, sorry.  Do you prefer to be called Jennifer and not Jen?

Jen:  Oh.  No. I was talking about the...

Other Dude:  There are so many people named Jennifer I can never remember.  Some like Jen, others like Jenny, you know.  Whatever.  They just respond to whatever I call them.  You know?  Well, about the couch.  Where did you get it?  I've been looking for something like that for my basement.

Jen:  Jennifer. (4 people answer, what?)

And so on... they should do a Saturday Night Live skit...

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend.

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jennifer said...

Clever post! I hope that you are just taking a lengthy break. I like The Jennifer Project.